Greenshot for Mac OS X is out now!

Download it here

After a long development period of over a year we finally have a Greenshot version for OS X. Greenshot for Mac is not just a port of the Windows version but a complete new development. We evaluated a lot of possibilities to share code between the platforms, but at the time being none of them lead to satisfying results, so we decided to buy a Mac, download XCode, learn Swift, get skilled in completely unknown terrain and build Greenshot for Mac up from scratch.

As of today, Greenshot is available in the Mac AppStore for all Macs running OS X 10.10 and newer.

Many of you will have some questions, we suppose, so to answer some in advance, here’s a litte FAQ:

Is it the same as the Windows version?

Definitely not. It’s not as feature rich, it’s only available in English at the moment and there’s still a lot of work to do, but the main features are there. If you are used to using Greenshot you may miss one feature or another but you’ll feel right at home.

Why is it not free? How much does it cost?

We decided to charge a little fee for Greenshot for Mac, because of the very high effort we had to make to bring it to you. It was really time consuming and also expensive. Plus Apple charges us for being in the AppStore and we really want to use their infrastructure, because it brings a lot of security.

For a start Greenshot for Mac will be available for around 2 bucks and after adding new features we may rise it a tiny bit to cover our costs. Nevertheless, Greenshot will still be one of the cheapest screenshot tools for Mac.

By the way, developing Greenshot for Windows causes costs for us as well. As with all other open source software, you don’t really have to donate but we developers rely on our users to do so.

Why is it not open source?

That’s mainly because of the competition. There’s a lot of good software for OS X out there but only a few supply their source code, so everyone has to figure the code out by themselves. There seem to be some unwritten rules in the market and we don’t want to break them. This may change in the future but for now, we’ll stick with closed source for Mac.

Will the Windows version be closed source too?

No. Never. You can trust on that. Windows has a completely different ecosystem and we are convinced that open source is a good thing, so we’ll leave everything as it is right now.

We hope, you’ll like it

To download, search for “greenshot” in the Mac AppStore or click here

If you encounter any trouble, please file a bug here