Happy new year: Greenshot 1.2.9 bugfix release

On the 19th of December 2016 we released Greenshot as an early christmas present. We invested over 500 hours of development time in that version, with that much time there were bound to be a few bugs in there. Today at the end of the year we bring you a bugfix release, which should solve most reported bugs and even bring a few small features, you can see the full changelog below.

So if you didn’t already, just go ahead and download the last Greenshot release for the year 2016!

We hope to bring you a lot more Greenshot in 2017 and wish everybody a happy and healthy 2017, the Greenshot team

Release notes for Greenshot RELEASE

Ticket Description
BUG-2065 OverflowException in the editor
BUG-2077 It’s not possible to disable the update check
BUG-2080 Exception when opening the context menu
BUG-2089 Greenshot crashes when hotkey registration fails and OneDrive is not installed
BUG-2091 Greenshot .zip version has wrong log configuration
FEATURE-992 When reusing the editor, it is not brought to the front
FEATURE-995 Paste images inside Greenshot editor to the current cursor location
FEATURE-998 Opening last capture in explorer should select/jump to the file
FEATURE-1000 Set default focus on the OK-button in the Greenshot quality dialog

Translations modified:

  • Nederlands by Stephan Paternotte