Greenshot for MAC 1.2.5

Here we go! The next update for Mac OS is out now!

Below you find a list of the features added in this version.

Release Notes 1.2.5

  • Global hotkeys are now configurable.
  • Replaced popup message by notification center message (copy to clipboard).
  • Destination picker can now be closed by CMD-W.
  • New shortcuts in destination picker for the available options (CMD-E: Editor, CMD-S: Save, CMD-C: Clipboard, CMD-M: Mail). See tooltip messages for details.
  • Added shortcuts for the editor tools (L=line, A=arrow, …). See main menu for details.
  • Added shortcut for „send as mail“ in editor (CMD-Shift-M).

Jira Issue-IDs fixed: MAC-15, MAC-24, MAC-23, MAC-9

Again, a big thanks to all of our users who have filed bugs and feature requests in our bug tracker. We know, that it’s annoying to encounter unexpected behaviour but we only can fix it if you tell us.

Please keep up the good work. Together we can make Greenshot the best screenshot tool for Mac!