New Bugfix Release with Important Change for Users

So here is another release in 2013 - probably the last one ;-) Important especially for those using Greenshot's Box plugin to send screenshots directly to is applying a breaking change to the authentication API on December 13th, which means that the Box plugin released with Greenshot 1.1.6 will no longer work - we have changed the plugin to work with the new API as of Greenshot 1.1.7.

There are also some bug fixes, especially we got rid of an annoying problem with screenshots being exported to the wrong Word document.
You can read detailed information in the change log below or download Greenshot 1.1.7 right now.

We switched our version control system from Subversion (SVN) to Git and have moved our repository to BitBucket, you can find it here:
This change makes it easier for other developers to supply patches to our code by sending us pull requests. Bugfix Release</p>

* We moved our repository to BitBucket (GIT), this forced us to change the build script and the version

Bugs resolved (for bug details go to and search on the ID):
* Bug #1517: (now it is really fixed) export to Microsoft Word always goes to the last active Word instance.
* Bug #1589/#1584 System.NullReferenceException
* Bug #1574: AccessException when loading plugins

* Changed the Box plug-in to use the new V2 API, which is mandatory from 13.12.2013. The Box plug-in now needs the .NET 3.5 Full Framework.