Why a free web needs advertising

First of all: we would like to thank everybody who already donated to Greenshot: thank you so much! Of course, we also appreciate people visiting our website without blocking ads.

Maybe you wonder what we do with your donations and the advertising revenue? Or rather you are asking yourself “What the heck does a piece of code need money for?”. Well, free services and products like Greenshot need financial means to keep going, and unfortunately we aren't backed by a company that covers our costs. Actually, we need a lot of things to generate this piece of code; our expenses involve costs for hardware, software, electricity, telecommunication, to name just a few... even if these costs wouldn't exist, we would still work for free, in our spare time. And although we really enjoy developing Greenshot, it's not just the programming which needs to be done. We spend a large amount of time working on the tickets that are reported (bugs, questions, feature request etc.), social media, coordinating the translations, maintaining this website, etc.

There are mainly two ways to generate at least some income: advertising and donations. Advertising revenue is just as crucial as donations to keep Greenshot running. Unfortunately, ad-blocking software reduces the strength of the advertising pillar. This is the case even if one never clicks any advertisements, since the advertising service we use also pays revenue for displayed ads (of course not as much as for clicks, but every bit helps).

Disabling Adblock for a specific domain For this reason, if you are using an ad-blocker, we kindly ask you to consider deactivating it on getgreenshot.org and any other websites you like, to support their and our work. We highly appreciate your consideration! To help you make your decision easier: there are no layer ads, interstitials, pop-ups or similar annoyances on our website, we also took care not to mix advertisements with content. And, most important: Greenshot itself is totally ad-free. Just fair, isn’t it?
Just think about paper magazines you might buy regularly: most of them print a considerable amount of ads to keep them going and you still do not get them for free.

If however for some reason you cannot or do not want to stop blocking ads, you might rather want to make a small donation instead?

Thanks for giving this a read and considering action :)